Since I am not going to release any personal information, such as my name, age or whereabouts there is not much I can write about. However, I will say a few things about myself. I am a girl, obviously, I love books, more classical types, like Pride and Prejudice, and Grapes of Wrath, I love playing sports, like softball and volleyball, most of my free time I spend jamming out to music, I am an honor student, and I am the type of person who would rather have a nose in her book thenĀ  be wasting my time on friends who will just leave. I have no time for fake people, I have no time for moronic haters, whom just waste their time trying to bring me down thinking it will affect me, but sadly eventually these self-involved brats will learn I do not care for their pitiful shit. Just a fair warning I will be blunt and I respect criticism as well, only if proven to be needed, that is it. So that is my about page, please feel free to ask me questions. I will answer then as soon as I can. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.