Even though I will not disclose my name, age or whereabouts, I will discuss my physical features. I am a 5’8″, I have hazel eyes, kind of long bronze colored hair as my hair has some blonde and brown tints, as well as red. I am very pale, but I get very flushed easily, so I have warm toned ivory skin. I am not a petite girl, I am more of a german build, broad shoulders, I guess sort of masculine, but technically as most people call me “curvy” or “thick”. don’t get me wrong I know it is meant to be a compliment; however, I can’t but help but think of it as negatively. Due to my large frame and am spotted and sized up by many coaches even though I am only 5’8″, I have played volleyball and softball, and done shotput and discus, but I am taking a break. Last year in December, I tore my acl and pcl in my left knee, and my knee has never been the same. It was a very painful and upsetting time for me, I never got physical therapy so I mainly tried to heal it on my own, which isn’t easy but definitely possible. Now it’s been a couple of months but I’m terrified to go back, I am afraid of embarrassment and that I will horribly fail at it. The thing is it happened when I was getting good at softball, I had started learning how to play in October of last year, and right before the accident the coaches told me if I kept doing well I would make varisty, my first year. So you could understand me being frustrated. Then I moved states. which only complicated the situation more. I’ll discuss that more next time. please refer your friends to my blog I would appreciate it. Thanks for reading.


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