As you can tell by the title this is my very first blog post. Now I’m not sure if this blog will ever be read or if I’ll even consistently update it. I guess whatever happens will happen. As if you have never heard that before, anyways my point of starting this was just that I have some free time on my hands and I would like to tell the world my story, even if it may seem very boring, I believe I may make some good points and would like the world to know. I will not release my age nor my name. None of my personal information will be released as I would like to remain private. But I will be discussing some more physical traits as necessary. I would this blog to perhaps become more known but I highly doubt it will happen.¬†And if it does by some miracle I will answer any questions you may have and will be open to any ideas for topics to talk about. Anyways, I will post later tonight as I have prior engagements. Bye!


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